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5 Ways FOR YOU to Get Creative When You’re the Caregiver

colour-pencils-13481350531V4Being a caregiver of an autistic child means spending long periods of time inside your home. Although most of that time will be spent providing care, it’s important to squeeze in a few moments for yourself to unwind. Luckily there are many ways to get the creative juices flowing.


  1. Adult coloring books. Coloring is not just for kids! Adult coloring books are marketed as anxiety reducing and meditative in design. With so many to choose from, there’s sure to be one that calls out to you and says, pick me! Grab your color pencils, gel pens, sharpie markers and crayons; it’s time for coloring! Intricate patterns guide you through mandalas, flowers and dreamy landscapes.

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  2. desk-1082044_960_720Journals and planners. In addition to helping you keep track of all the appointments for the child in your care, journals and planners are also a great way to write down daily successes and struggles and to track your own fitness and health. Stroll through your local craft store or shop online for journals, planners, washi tape, planner stickers, and beautiful pens to write with. Then turn to paper and pen to write down your feelings. Chances are, you’ll feel better.

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  3. Yarn crafts. Who knew that yarn could be a great de-stresser? There is something so calming in the repetitious movements creating beautiful blankets, scarves, hats and purses. A word of warning, do be prepared for some frustrations when first learning.

  4. Cubo_de_zinc_con_rosas-2Home decorating. Adding peace and serenity to your home can create peace and serenity while you’re in it. Craft stores are a great source for picture frames, silk flower arrangements, wall décor and seasonal items. Online websites like Wayfair allow shopping from home with fast delivery. Other websites that ship to home are Lowes and Home Depot. We have saved a lot of time and money shopping online for window treatments to help keep the house softly lit for our sensory sensitive son.

  5. Cooking new food. Preparing the same meals over and over can be dull. There are lots of great tips and recipes to be found online such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook recipe groups, and cooking channel websites. Using kitchen appliances like slow cookers can be an easy way to get your creative juices flowing into tomato sauces, pasta dishes.


With so many ways to be creative, there’s sure to be one that inspires you. Have you tried any on the list? Which ones do you like best and what would you like to add to the list? Please leave me a comment below.



4 thoughts on “5 Ways FOR YOU to Get Creative When You’re the Caregiver”

  1. Finding a creative outlet for yourself is really important when caring for children, especially children that need a lot of love and attention as children with Autism. All of the ideas you gave are really good to get the creative juices flowing. I crochet scarfs myself and it is a great de-stressor. Another idea for your list could be origami. You can make cute ornaments for your home or even just for yourself. Keep up the great work being a great mom.


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  2. Journals and planners are a great idea. Writing everything down so you don’t forget would be great for you and your child. It’s teaching your child without him knowing and he won’t get bored. This could also lead to scrap books, which will show a more artistic side of your son. Great ideas!

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  3. I think this is a post all parents can relate to! I don’t have any kids yet but give me just one more month and my little guy will be here, and I’m sure I can use some of these ideas! Personally winding down for me usually involves painting or spending some time outdoors! Though I do really enjoy cooking, it’s just the clean up afterwards I could do without haha!


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